Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My thought today....

   I have spent the better part of today watching news footage on the 911 attack on the World Trade Center. It is one of those times that you will always remember exactly where you were at and what you were doing. Like when I heard Elvis was dead or when I heard the shuttle exploded with the first teacher in space. I can remember looking up in the sky thinking, there are no planes in the air. Wow.  Never has that happened in my lifetime. I called my parents on my break from work, asking them what they were seeing and what was going on. Even being so far from NY, I couldn't quelch the feeling that I really wanted to go home. I watched the buildings in downtown KC, half expecting to see something come flying in. The terror people in the towers had to go through. The terror of loved ones on the ground, knowing there was absolutely nothing they could do to help. I watched people falling from the sky. What were they escaping? What were their thoughts? Could I do that facing what they faced? Questions I have been asking myself today. It's been almost 10 years since the attack but my goosebumps were as real today as they were that day, listening to the radio at work, trying to visualize the tramatic turn of events. The streets in Heaven were crowded that day. 

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